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Classical Education

Founders provides a classical education to its students. What exactly is classical education? In a nutshell, it is an education that is characterized by a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum and pedagogy, and an orientation towards truth, beauty, and goodness that aims to cultivate wise and virtuous citizens. Classical education is the same course of study that propelled Western Civilization upward in its civic institutions, personal liberty, philanthropy, economic enterprise, technological innovation, and relative safety and security. It is rooted in an approach that goes back to ancient Greece and Rome and developed over a long period of time in the West.

Recommended Books

  • Climbing Parnassus, Tracy Lee Simmons
  • Tending the Heart of Virtue, Vigen Guroian
  • Why Don’t Students Like School?, Daniel Willingham
  • The Art of Teaching, Gilbert Highet
  • The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis
  • Cultural Literacy, E.D. Hirsch
  • The Idea of a University, John Henry Newman
  • The Making of Americans: Democracy and Our Schools, E.D. Hirsch

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